Virtual line at Universal Orlando

What is virtual line?

Universal Orlando Resort’s virtual line system is their way of helping guests make the most of their time in the parks! Rides that use the virtual line system are typically the most popular or tend to have the longest wait times. By making these rides virtual line only, guests can continue exploring the parks and having fun instead of spending time standing in line! Universal does not always use the virtual line system. They will typically only use it on busy days. 

What rides are currently using virtual line?

-Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure – weekends and busy park days

-Fast & Furious Supercharged

-Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon – this ride will often have the option to use virtual but it isn’t always necessary. Make sure to check the app to know if you will need a pass. 

-The Mummy – busy park days

How do i get a virtual line pass?

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To get a virtual line pass you will need to download the Universal Orlando Resort App. This app will not only be your pass to certain attractions, but it also has everything you will need for your Universal vacation! I recommend downloading the app early to explore everything it offers. Select rides will also have kiosks outside the entrance that you can use to obtain a pass if you do not have access to the app. 


First step is to open your Universal Orlando App and select ‘Virtual Line’

Second, you will select the attraction you wish to obtain a return time for. 

Third, you will select reserve to check if any passes are available. 

If there are passes available you will then enter the number of people in your party. Then you will select the time that works best for you. 

Once you have selected your return time you will be given a QR code for the team member to scan when you return to ride. 

i have my pass now what?

Once you have your pass you will be given a return time and a QR code. You will receive a notification when your return time is near so you can make your way to the attraction. Then, you will present the QR code to the team member at the attraction entrance and they will scan the code. After this you are free to enjoy the ride! You can claim another pass for the same attraction after your ride time passes.

tips & tricks

If you are unable to obtain a virtual line pass for a certain attraction, make sure you check back regularly. More passes will be released periodically throughout the day. Make sure to check back at 2:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. if you are really struggling to get a pass. The best tip I can give you is once those release times hit keep trying many times consecutively, even if it says there are no passes available keep refreshing. When I am trying to get passes it usually tells me there are not any available but I keep trying and eventually it allows me to claim one. 

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