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Cafe 4 Review

Café 4 is located next to The Hulk ride in the Marvel Superhero area of Islands of Adventure. You can’t miss it! It will be right in your line of sight as you cross the bridge under The Hulk coaster with the MASSIVE Café 4 sign in front! This is also the location of the Marvel Character dinner. Cafe 4 gets its name from the Fantastic Four and it also has Fantastic Four theming throughout!

What food is offered?

Café 4 offers a variety of options including pizza, different pastas, subs, and salads. The pizzas can be purchased as either a combo, which adds a Caesar salad on the side. You can also purchase a whole pizza for $34.99 or a single slice of pizza for $9.99. The entrees offered at Café 4 are pastas like fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti, and chicken parmesan. The pastas are served with a breadstick on the side. They also serve a meatball sub and a chicken parmesan sub as well as, a Caesar salad with breadsticks. Lastly, there are also a few dessert options offered including cheesecake, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, and a chocolate chip cookie!

Meal Review

Cafe 4 Pepperoni Pizza

My husband ordered the pepperoni pizza slice. His review is that is was “okay”. He didn’t go in with high expectations so he wasn’t super let down by it. The best he could compare the quality to was Little Caesar’s Pizza but instead of getting a whole pizza for $5 it was $10 for one slice.

plate of chicken alfredo with breadstick

I ordered the Chicken Alfredo and unlike my husband, I DID have high expectations for my meal. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy the alfredo. It lacked taste, it definitely wasn’t horrible but it was no Olive Garden. If I choose to go back to Café 4 I probably wouldn’t order this again. I would possibly opt for one of the subs instead.

Marvel Character Dinner

Café 4 is host to the Marvel Character dinner! During this diner, you will be able to hang out with all your favorite superheroes like Captain America and Spider-Man! This dinner is $50 for adults and $25 for kids ages 3-9. It is a buffet-style meal with a larger variety of dishes to choose from. This means if my review of Cafe 4 during normal operating hours scares you away from wanting to attend, you can rest assured there are plenty more options to try! Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the Marvel Character Dinner is not currently available. 

Do I recommend?

No, it was not worth the price and you can get better food elsewhere in the parks. I recommend Red Oven Pizza in city walk if you want pizza. If you are looking for a good pasta meal I recommend Vivo in city walk! If you are just eating here for the Marvel Character experience I do recommend trying it! The character experience is such a great way to add some extra awesomeness to your Universal Orlando vacation and they do have more options for this experience!

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That is my review of Cafe 4 in Marvel Superhero Island at Islands of Adventure! Please hop of to Instagram and let me know what you would like me to review next! 

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